International Long Distance Operator (ILDO) Bulk Sms Service

Sujan Technologies now supports International Long Distance operator routes to send Bulk SMS across the globe.

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ILDO (International Long-Distance operator) Bulk SMS Service

Every organisation needs to market its products and services globally, and for that purpose relationship management is essential. However, communication errors and difficulty in targeting mass customer in one go are common issues that an organization usually encounter. Sending bulk SMS to your worldwide audience is thus the all-in-one answer to all problems in the hi-tech, robotic era. Targeting international customer via International Long Distance operator routes to send Bulk SMS is an efficient technique to reach a large audience with little efforts. In order to do this, Sujan Technologies now provides international long distance operator routes for delivering bulk SMS globally at low costs with a simple registration process.

What are ILDO (International Long-Distance operator) Bulk SMS?

Businesses who cannot register as local businesses in India are regarded as foreign and are able to send messages into India through the ILDO service. The time to start transmitting is significantly shortened when using the premium service ILDO, which doesn't require programme registration. The DND scrubbing is avoided by this service.

ILDO means a service provider or operator who has been granted license to act as such to provide international long-distance service. Sujan Technologies is an ILDO bulk SMS service provider, they enable a service of direct communication without any lag between audience and organization from any distance. To benefited from the ILDO bulk SMS service of Sujan Technologies.

According to TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), Before sending any bulk SMS to many recipients, senders are required to have a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) registration ID, however no DLT registration is required when sending bulk SMS via the ILDO channel. Conversely, it needs a company to register using a simple step-by-step procedure, and after that, unique alphabetic sender ID will be given to the customer, which can then be used to send bulk SMS throughout the world via international long distance operator routes. Senders who don't qualify for this registration process can still send messages to their target audience by using International Long-Distance Operator (ILDO) routes. When you send a message using ILDO routes and do not specify a sender ID or attempt to use a sender ID that has not been fully registered, your message is sent using a random numeric identifier. Alternatively, you can purchase a dedicated short code to send messages to Indian phone numbers over the ILDO route if you require a fixed identity. Lastly, Messages that you send through ILDO routes are billed at specific rate for bulk message.

ILDO Bulk SMS Service

Terms & Conditions to Send Bulk SMS via ILDO Route

General Content Restrictions

The certification must follow the guidelines below:

1. Certification must be written on the entity’s company letterhead.
2. The entity should be registered with SEBI.
3. The entity should mention the command line interfaces (CLIs) to be used by them and the nature of the messages/content to be used.
4. Purchase order validity.

Sender ID Documentation Required

ILDO Bulk SMS Service Provider
ILDO Bulk SMS Service Provider

How ILDO (International Long-Distance operator) bulk SMSs are useful for an organization?

Sujan Technologies ILDO Bulk SMS service offers an efficient platform to expand business internationally of an organization that allows strategical planning of their communications to ease the sending of reminders, alerts and updates. Besides this, it carries numerous benefits that have been mentioned below.

With Sujan Technologies you can pay for what you use only.

ILDO (International Long-Distance operator) Bulk SMS service gateway provider in India

Sujan Technologies a leading ILDO service gateway provider in India, enables customers to send SMS to large numbers of individuals via a web platform. With a few simple registration procedures, it may also act as a global portal for users to inform, promote, and update others abroad. Sujan Technologies targets both domestic and foreign clients to provide bulk SMS services to a large number of customers at once at extremely affordable prices.

Sujan Technologies only charges you for the services you really use.


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