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One Missed Call to Thousand Contacts is All You Need to Promote Your Business

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Send A Missed Call & Let Your Customers Notice Your Brand

Missed Call Service allow you to initiate a quick interaction with existing customers and new prospects via a missed call or SMS. Manage all your inbound missed calls and messages by setting up automated replies or forwarding them to email, mobile, or application. You can export customer data to your contact list or existing CRM system. Avail easy Missed Call Service via Sujan Technologies web portal or APIs.

No technical expertise required | Expand your customer database smoothly | Share business updates via 2-way communication

What is Missed Call Service?

Reach to Your Customers and Wait for Response

A ring or call on virtual number including mobile, landline, or even toll-free can do wonders to your business. Let your customers give you a missed call. Once they contact you, hang up and revert back with business updates, promotional discounts, festive deals and increase your sales leads by up to 80%.

What You Can Do with Missed Call?

  • Social Campaigns
  • Customer Surveys
  • Alerts / notifications
  • New Product Launch
  • Business Deals & discounts
Missed Call Service

Missed Call Service Highlights

Customized Missed Call Services Designed Exclusively for Your Business

We Aim to Simplify Marketing & Promotions for You

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Multiple Campaigns

Multiple Campaigns

Run multiple marketing campaigns simultaneously and collect responses for each campaign just instantly.

Campaign Tracking

Campaign Tracking

Real-time, interactive Dashboards allows you to monitor and track the performance of multiple marketing campaigns.

Easy Activation

Easy Activation

Start your Missed Call marketing campaigns and begin promoting your business with simple activation.

Easy Customization

Easy Customization

Scale-up or scale-down your Missed Call campaign as per the fluctuating business needs via an easy-to-use web portal.

Simple Setup

Simple Setup

Enjoy simple, and easy setup of your Missed Call marketing campaign and get access to a plethora of custom options.

Premium Support

Premium Support

Extensive, 24X7 support is available to help you set up Missed Call campaign and get started without facing technicalities.

Why You Should Select Missed Call Services?

Connect with Your Audience & Generate Leads

Easy, Instant Updates

Easy, Instant Updates

Missed Calls are usually followed by an SMS alert that incorporates the intended information. The banking sector is optimally using Missed Call Services to keep its customers informed.

Customer Verification

Customer Verification

Ask your customers to send a Missed Call on your business contact number for verification. Missed Call is the most convenient alternate for customer verifications than sending OTPs.

Opt-in / Opt-out Options

Opt-in/ Opt-out Options

Your customers can easily opt-in or opt-out of the promotional campaign's contact list by sending a missed call. A hassle-free, convenient way to get rid of unwanted marketing strategies.

Reach People in Isolated Areas

Reach People in Isolated Areas

Missed Call alerts are an excellent way to connect with people who lack access to the internet. You don't even need to have a latest smartphone as you can send and receive a missed call on a simple mobile.

Multiple Missed Calls

Multiple Missed Calls

Send or receive unlimited numbers of missed calls in a day with no cap or restriction on daily usage. Promote your business to a massive audience dynamically and generate qualifying leads.

Custom API/ CRM Integration

Custom API/ CRM Integration

Custom API enables you to build your Missed Call marketing campaign as per your business needs. Easy CRM integration allows enhancing functionality from one single platform.

Cloud-Based Portal

Cloud-Based Portal

Manage your Missed Call marketing campaign right from anywhere, anytime, from any device using our Cloud-based portal. Stay connected with your customer while on the go.

Live Reports

Live Reports

Get access to real-time reports of all the miss-calls you received from customers. Monitor the performance of your Missed Call marketing campaign from anywhere, anytime.

Contact List Management

Contact List Management

When someone calls you on the registered number, the contact details of the caller will automatically add to the contact list. Easily add, edit, delete numbers from the contact list.

Benefits of Missed Call Service for Your Business

Build interactive, result-oriented marketing campaigns

  • Streamline voice calls and manage marketing campaign with higher ease
  • Highly functional missed call management software
  • Voice messages facilitate higher customer acquisition and retention rates
  • Schedule calls based on the availability of customers
  • Share personalized content in aggregation with outbound calling solutions
  • Reach people from regions with bad network connectivity
  • Speedy acquisition of customers with more chances of conversion
  • Connect with people from areas with low internet bandwidth
  • Automatically stores caller's contact details in one secure database
  • For quick conversions, combine missed call solution with outbound calls
Missed Call for Business

Industry-Wide Services

One Single Solution Fits All Industry Domains

Missed Call Service Meant for Your Business Needs

Missed Call service for Customer service

Customer service

  • Less operational costs
  • Speedy customer service
  • Automate, Monitor, Manage Calls
Missed Call service for Travel and tourism

Travel and tourism

  • Keep customers up-to-date
  • Facilitate effective communication
  • Manage multiple campaigns at once
Missed Call service for Finance


  • Excellent mobile outreach
  • Requires minimal investment
  • Time-efficient, cost-effective marketing
Missed Call service for Manufacturing


  • Active mode of marketing
  • Schedule & manage calls easily
  • Flexible, scalable voice messaging
Missed Call service for Real estate

Real estate

  • High customer acquisition rate
  • Share business updates, latest deals
  • Affordable, effective, quick marketing
Missed Call service for E-commerce


  • Send promotional deals & discounts
  • Share product features, pricing info
  • Share order confirmation, delivery status

How Missed Call Service Works?

Set-up Missed Call Campaign in 4 Easy Steps

Missed Call Service
Missed Call Service India

Customer Sees Your Ad/Promotions

Customer contacts your virtual number displayed on the ad.

Missed Call Service provider

Call Lands and Disconnects Immediately

A customer makes a call on the virtual number. Since your number is connected to the missed-call software, the call disconnects instantly.

Missed Call service provider
Missed Call Service provider company
Missed Call

Leads are Generated to Spreadsheet

On receiving a missed call, the contact details of the caller are saved automatically in Google spreadsheet.

Missed Call Solution

Automated Call Back or SMS to Customer

An automated call or SMS is triggered, once a missed call lands on the virtual number.

Missed Call Service Solution

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the use of missed call solution?

You can use missed call services for:
Marketing Campaigns: Potential buyers can reach you through a missed call.
Customer Information: Customers don't have to fill up contact forms, as their contact information will be stored automatically in the database when they make a missed call.
Customer Feedback: Customers can notify you to arrange a call for discussion as they are interested in your product or services.

2. What are the salient features of missed call solution?

Missed call alert or missed call SMS platform is a highly useful marketing solution that integrates powerful features such as:
Time-Saving: When a customer calls on the virtual number, the call disconnects immediately usually after a single ring.
Analytics & Reporting: Monitor and track missed calls on your registered virtual number using real-time analytics and reporting feature.
Notifications & Reminders: The solution provides missed call reminders and notifications to allow easy, effective tracking of the campaign.
Track Multiple Campaigns: Easy to use missed call solution allows tracking multiple missed call marketing campaigns effectively.
Simple Integration: The missed call solution integrates well with most widely used CRM software platforms.

3. Why is cloud telephony becoming so popular in India?

As more and more organizations across various industry verticals are moving towards technology transformation, Cloud telephony has become popular than ever as it facilitates quick, uninterrupted connectivity around the globe.

4. How do companies benefit from missed call campaigns?

Missed call marketing campaigns bring numerous benefits such as greater outreach, better connectivity to a remote audience, higher conversions, improved marketing.

5. What is a missed call finder?

Missed call finder is an extremely useful feature of missed call service as it helps to track pin code, service provider details of the caller.

6. How can I track business with a missed call tracker?

Missed call tracker feature integrated into the missed call solution allows you to view the number of calls you have missed and will enable you to assign or schedule calls as required.

7. In which countries are your missed call solutions available?

Our high-quality, affordable, high-scalable missed call services are available for PAN India regions.

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