RCS Messaging

Upgrade your business messaging by adopting Rich Communication Messaging

RCS Messaging is a next generation SMS protocol that upgrades text messaging with Rich features like payments, high-res photo & file sharing, location sharing, video calls, and much more, are delivered to a device’s default messaging app.

RCS Messaging

Consistently, billions of individuals and a great many organizations interface through text informing, an advanced method to convey that is really been around for more than 30 years. RCS (Rich Communications Services) is a cutting edge SMS convention being supported by the GSMA, Google and Android, Samsung, and numerous transporters and cell phone makers.

Similar to mobile apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, and iMessage, RCS gives you the ease of quick, interactive texting with the Google Messages app. All you need is a reliable internet connection.

Why RCS Messaging?

Explore New Horizons of Opportunities

Reach your customers in a powerful way and communicate with confidence by leveraging intuitive RCS messaging . Research has proven the power of rich media to attract attention and encourage interaction. For example, banner ads with rich media have been proven to have a higher click-through rate than their static counterparts. RCS messaging allows you to take advantage of dynamic media in ways that go beyond what was previously possible.

  • Strengthen Corporate Branding With RCS Messaging.
  • Keep Customers Engaged With Rich Media Messages.
  • Increase Conversions With Real-time Interactions Through RCS Messaging.
  • Boost Customer Experience With Dynamic Ticketing
Rich Communication Services

RCS: Benefits of RCS Messaging

Use of RCS Messaging to connect with your audience & meet goals

Richer media

  • Deliver High resolution photos
  • Share Videos, GIFs, Audio
  • Solves MMS incompatibility

More conversational

  • AI based Suggested replies
  • Suggested actions buttons
  • AI capabilities

Trusted messages

  • Verified business checkmark
  • Full brand name instead of random ID
  • Customization of color / logo for brand

RCS Messaging FAQ

What is RCS Messaging?

RCS (Rich Communication Services) is a next generation SMS protocol that upgrades text messages with Rich features like branding, media, and analytics.

How do I know if I have RCS messaging?

If your A2P SMS messages to customer are delivered without your log and a safety check box, then you may assume you do not have RCS. Since RCS is a new service you will need to apply with your SMS provider to get RCS for your brand.

Is RCS messaging free?

Your SMS partner may charge for making you RCS compliance. As of yet the there are no additional charges on messaging for RCS.

How to get google RCS messaging India?

Please write to us at [email protected] or call +91-8377033515, our teams will assist yo in becoming RCS compliant.

What are limitations with RCS?

RCS only works with Google Messages App (Ver 5.4 onwards) in android handsets and Apple users cannot avail this service.

RCS Currently works with Airtel, Vodafone-IDEA & JIO Operators and this will not work with BSNL and MTNL for now

Supported Regions are North America, Europe and Asia Pacific

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